Quick 'comment' feature

It would be great if you could select a section of code, and hit a key or button, and have Pinegrow automatically add the front and back comment tag code to each end of that selection, so you could very quickly/easily comment out sections of code (…and, also have a similar button/key to remove all comment tags found within a selection).

So far, that’s about the only limitation/issue I have with the code editor in Pinegrow (for my needs).

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I’m not sure if you are familiar with ATOM but this can easily be done with their code editor and integrates with PG (as a temp fix).

Yep, it certainly would serve well as a quick fix/workaround. I’ve actually had ATOM for quite some time, but never installed it. I was hoping Pinegrow had the feature, but it was recently confirmed to me it doesn’t. So, here I am.

In my particular case, that’s about the only thing I find lacking in Pinegrow’s editor (for my purposes), so ideally I’d prefer not to have an external editor just for that one thing.

I agree with @ladlon, this would be a useful feature to add. Comments could also have their own items in the tree (maybe with a differentiated look), indicating they’re there.

Márton Lente

Hi @ladlon, @jonroc, @martonlente and anybody else interested -
Sorry for the slow response to this one, but it is already a feature in Pinegrow. If you go into the “Support” -> “Settings…” modal and scroll down you will see a section for code editing.

At the bottom of this section is an option to use Emmet in the code editor. If you turn that on you can now highlight a block of code and then use CMD-/ (command plus forward slash) to toggle between commented and uncommented.
BTW: Once you get the basic syntax Emmet is awesome!


@RobM: Awewome! Yup, that works for me. At this point, it’s really just the commenting feature that I would really benefit from, and that nails it. Thanks!