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How do we apply img-thumbnail to images?



I cannot find an option to apply the .img-thumbnail style to an image.

I can manually add this as a css style, but I would have though that there should be an easy option for this



I had no issues applying it through the properties panel. Click the Add Class button and type “img” and it should come right up. It’s also available in the list tab of the Library panel.



Yes indeed I can.

But what I am after, like everything else in Pinegrow that supports Bootstrap, is an obvious quick option, checkbox type option to turn this on and off with a single click.

If I want to make an image fluid, it’s one click and .img-fluid is added (or removed) for me.

I’d like the same for img-thumbnail



I guess you could ask for it as a future feature request. It’s really only an extra click to add it through the classes panel. If you have multiple images, you can select them all with shift-click and then apply the class to all of them at once.

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