How to access :root CSS Variables in Pinegrow

Quick question on CSS Variables. I’ve got some html code that contains the css in a style statement within the page itself. There are css color variables within the :root element as such

:root {
–main-white: #f0f0f0;
–main-red: #be3144;
–main-blue: #45567d;
–main-gray: #303841;

How does one view these variables using the style or element panes in Pinegrow or can this even be done? I cannot find where to edit these values within Pinegrow and had to edit them in VSCode. Do I have to convert to SCSS/LESS before Pinegrow can see these variables within the style or element properties panes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Todd Lemire

Ok, I figured it out. Should’ve played with it a bit more before posting this question. Had to right click on the inline CSS file and choose edit. Worked like a champ.

Todd Lemire

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