Editing scss - Lose Changes


Why is it not possible to edit scss in Pinegrow?

I have 2 files, style.scss and _variables.scss

If I add something to my variables file using the built in code editor in PG for example $primary: #555;
I get a popup when I save saying the file has been edited outside of Pinegrow, then after I click reload, I lose my changes.

Is this a bug or am I not supposed to write code in PG?

Hey @JamesBarrettDM,
This is unexpected behaviour. Do you have anything else open, like an external code editor? Any other info that might be relevant with regards to GULP or something like that running?
I can have VSC open and edit within Pinegrow no problem. You can try restarting PG (if you haven’t already) to see if it fixes it. If not, then I recommend you contact support. If possible we can get your project files and try it out on our end. support@pinegrow.com

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It happens with the built in PG editor and if I use VS Code with the PG extension.

Initially it was happening with nothing else open except Chrome, so I tried to edit in VS Code but had the same problem.

I can add variables using the UI but can’t edit the code in the scss files.

I’ll send a screen recording to support tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

I openend variables.scss and it did not show me the variables in that panel. Quiting PG and starting agaign then the variables where whon again, I found this subject because I did a forum search on variables.scss (PGW 5.991)