How to connect and see in Pinegrow and MAMP PRO

  1. How to connect Pinegrow to MAMP Pro ?
  2. How to edit files in pinegow with mamp pro ?
<?php // include_once(G5_THEME_PATH.'/header.php'); ?>

<?php include_once(G5_THEME_PATH.'/footer.php'); ?>

In the above situation, can I edit files in Pinegrow 
when I see both header.php and footer.php ? 
I can't see the files of header.php and footer.php in Pinegrow. 


Hi @alexseo,
MAMP is a tech stack (MacOS, Apache, MySQL, and PHP typically) that together create a local server environment. If you are creating a WordPress theme with Pinegrow, you set your page setting to export the theme to a folder being served by MAMP. Note, Pinegrow can’t easily be used to edit existing WordPress themes. It can create PHP files from HTML, but isn’t typically used to edit existing PHP files.

Thank you very much, RobM.