How to define Colours?


Just getting into Pinegrow, and I´m kind of puzzled here…

I select an element, and go down the list on the element properties-tab, to look at the colour-options.

What I find is about ten colours that I can use, and nothing else? This can´t be right?

What I was wanting right now was to copy a colour from another element. Is that even possible in this program ?


Pinegrow offers two (main) things:

  1. The element properties specific to the framework you have chosen (Bootstrap / Tailwind …) and in this case, indeed, the interface offers the basic “default” colors offered by the framework.
  2. The CSS properties panel, which allow you to do EXACTLY what you want.

BUT, Pinegrow is not a design application like Photoshop, and you will need to have some knowledge of CSS and HTML development to fully take advantage of the various options available to you.

Have you had the opportunity to consult our documentation and tutorials?

Ok… Before I get into all of that, can I ask you, is there a program you would recommend I´d rather use? I wanted to use Pinegrow because it shows the code, and in Dreamweaver, which has similar design issues, the pages are all fumbled when I load them.

I found the tab in question, and saw there was a background-section there. Well, when I use the “picker”, it allows colour from one section, but not the one I want…

I want the beige colour. The black section I can copy from, but not the beige one.

I looked at the guide. Didn´t find much there.

Starting to think there´s some kind of write-protection, or something, because when I play around with the stuff in the CSS-tab, when it comes to position, nothing´s happening.

This is what I´m looking at.

I want to copy the colour of this element, and to be able to move it around, preferably in free form.

Hmm… It seems the colour is not beige, but … white. My screen is a little old…

Anyway, I can´t seem to assign any colour to this new section.

It looks like you are using Bootstrap 4, so I would recommend the following pages. I hope they are helpful.

Bootstrap Design Panel - (the section pertaining to colors)

Customize Bootstrap 4 themes

Bootstrap 5 version of the above.

Those customizing tutorials require Pinegrow v6 and up.