How to install and use Bootstrap snippets

I’ve downloaded a bootstrap block/snippet (Comment) I’d like to install on PineGrow. Is there a tutorial about installing and using Bootstrap blocks? The ‘Comment’ block from Bootdey is a feature I can use on most of my sites so I’d like to get this to work. (No help available from Bootdey).
Anyone know how this can be done?

Hi @randyrie,
I took a quick look at that resource. A while back I did a tutorial on using Froala blocks, but they use a different way to present their blocks that wouldn’t work here. This site presents the blocks as iframe so you can’t drag and drop them. Instead, you are going to have to do it a little more manually.
I don’t have (or want to sign up for ) an account. You maybe able to do this more easily by simply clicking on the download button, but… not sure.
So, without signing up, scroll down to the HTML section. Click on the “copy to clipboard” button. Go back to Pinegrow and open up a new Bootstrap window - if I had to guess BS 4, not 5. Paste the code into the code bax at the top of the Library panel and drag to the page.
For the CSS, again copy to clipboard. Then in Pinegrow, open your stylesheet in the Code Editor by double clicking it in the Project panel. Paste the CSS into the editor.
That should be it. If there is also JavaScript you will have to paste it into another file and then drag that file from the Project window to your page.
Hope this helps,