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Bootstrap 4 for Bootstrap Blocks?


When I create a new page using Pinegrow 5.41 Bootstrap Blocks, I get notified that it has detected Bootstrap 3. In manage pages, it shows Bootstrap 3 is activated.

Now, Is there a reason that Bootstrap 3 is the default for Bootstrap Blocks? Is it ok to enable Bootstrap 4 and disable Bootstrap 3? Or is there a Bootstrap 4 update for Bootstrap Blocks in the pipeline?


Hi Ash,

What I would do is:

  • Create new page or project
  • Choose Bootstrap 4
  • Click on index.html (a blank Bootstrap 4 template with only necessary code)
  • Open the Blocks panel “library Icon”(Arrow going right down) at the left top side and insert blocks in that page.

Want a new page? Use save as (name new page) or create a “contact.html” (for example)
and insert your blocks the same way.


Thanks for the reply.

The problem with this approach it that it does not allow me to drop the “premade blocks” that are part of “Bootstrap Blocks”, and that was my point, of not having Bootstrap 4 as part of Bootstrap Blocks.

I understand fully what you are saying and I just opened a Bootstrap 4 project saved it and clicked on the “library Icon”(Arrow going right down) in the left top corner, the Blocks you refer to open nicely and I can insert the blocks in the page. They are the Bootstap 4 Blocks that come with the application. You can not just start with the blocks first you need at least a page or project that is saved. In this case Bootstrap 4 like in my instructions.

That doesn’t work for me. The Bootstrap 4 Blocks are not listed. If I go into the page resources and enable Bootstrap 4 Blocks, then the Blocks are listed, but quite a few have odd formatting when dropped into the file.

There are no Bootstrap 4 Blocks built into Pinegrow. The Bootstrap Blocks components were created in an earlier version of Pinegrow before Bootstrap 4 was released. When Bootstrap 4 was released, the developers added it to Pinegrow, but they did not make a corresponding set of blocks that will work with Bootstrap 4. You cannot use Bootstrap 3 blocks in a Bootstrap 4 website due to major changes between the two versions of Bootstrap. There are some third-party companies that make Pinegrow blocks that work with Bootstrap 4…

There might be others if you search Google. Of course, you can always use any Bootstrap 4 template or UI kits that are out there (there are thousands.)

After starting a Bootstrap 4 project I see (at the left) a list and components showing complete blocks like navigation, list groups and components like Jumbotron all Bootstrap 4. I was not aware that there are Bootstrap 3 blocks?

Thanks for the reply. That was what I thought might have happened, but as a new Bootstrap and Pinegrow user, thought I’d check. Ash.

Those are not blocks, they’re standard Bootstrap components. Blocks are various combined components with their own CSS styling that can be dragged and dropped into a project. Try opening a Bootstrap Blocks Version project and you will see what I mean.

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