How to make classes?


스크린샷 2022-03-12 오후 8.14.10

.task-2 . item-1 {}

I want to make the above class two names.

I typed .task-2.item-1 .

The result ::

스크린샷 2022-03-12 오후 8.14.59

Two classes are made.

스크린샷 2022-03-12 오후 8.15.35

But also in html element, two class name are input.

I dont want two class name are not input in html element.
I just want to make two class name in css file.


Hi @alexseo,
Sorry, but I’m not quite sure what you are attempting and what is not working. Do you want the class names added to the HTML element? If you look at the second image you uploaded you can see a checkbox that will cause the class to be added. Based on the message it seems that the HTML element selected already has the task-2 class.
If you look at the code of the element, are the classes there? The DOM will truncate at a certain number of characters, so will not display all classes.