Bug Report: Elements Visual Grid Property pop up, incorrectly displays Previous Elements Class

Yep, what that heading says.

have a video

And here is a 3 Element version, incase my horses names confuse you but you REALLY should know them by now :slight_smile:

.bannner is… the banner class… for the banner.
banner ISNT a horse.

Summer and her Summer Class are Black and White (PieBald in horse speak)
and Sky is a Jinja Ninja… oops, I mean Chestnut in horse speak.

The class display is somewhat broken in user speak.

But displays the CORRECT class name for that elements class the 2nd click and doesn’t cycle through them anymore. it then stays on the correct name.

mmmmm, I SUPPOSE… I could try and find another way to break that too?

Ok, that scrambled me, working out what was going on there.
SO bed, early night, no coding tonight!
Ta ta

Huh, seems like it kicks in with more than two divs
Thanks for the bug!

Ah it kicks in with 2…oh not sure.
by that i mean, if i have multiple divs…so more than 2 like you say, actually.

But then click one, then the other…it alternates between the pair.

So you CONSISTANTLY see the same WRONG class name…on the same element.

So then I ended up trying to edit the element, thinking Id applied the wrong styling to it…

So it caught me out a few times.

when yiu add a third class,then lags behind by a name.
So is noticable.

Its only because i KNOW my horses names and thought eh? How the hell did i name THEM wrong?

…that i realised why i was breaking my pages :smiley:

But hey! Thats work and this is a sunday.

So how was the brewery and drunken dogs?
Was it a long drive for you out there,or down the road?

The brewery is just down the road. Perfect for laying in the weeks supply!