How to Move Tabs to the Left Side

When I have a file open in Pinegrow I see to the upper right tab icons for Project, Style (CSS), History, etc. I need all these tabs moved to the left, which is where I am accustomed to navigating the page I am editing.

Given that Pinegrow makes extensive use of drag and drop I expected I to be able to drag and drop all these tabs to the left side. I attempted to do so by left clicking the blank area just to the right of the right most tab and dragging. This failed. What I see when I do this is text attached to the cursor that says:

Project + 8 More
Can’t drop it here.

Indeed, it did not work to drop it anywhere on the left side, or anywhere else.

How are these tabs moved to the left side?

Hi there @Artist, Well, If I read your request correctly, I just successfully did what you wish to do -I think.
That is, I dragged the styles paintbrush icon, over to the left and it nested quite happily with the other tabs.
maybe make sure You are dragging it all the way?
But, I did also notice that you say Upper Right for the initial location of your Project, tabs etc, whereas mine are on the left, so I may be doing it it reverse to you for some reason