How do I switch to tab pane from Blocks

Hello Pinegrow support,

I am trying to switch to different tabs from one single area. I have created 8 blocks (Block 1,2,3,…,8) to switch to its resultant tab (Tab1,2,3…,8) check screenshot

I have linked the tab to switch to it but its not working, Where am I going wrong ?

Kindly help.

ur prob going to need to use positioning… i just did something similar, only my “blocks” are all on top of each other. I used Absolute, but you will likely need to use Relative to space them all out like that. or maybe use Grid.

you can take a look at until i need to test my next bit.

Thanks for your response.

Well my tabs are working fine If I go to them individually but here I want to switch to tabs using those blocks. Like here in scrreshot u can see 1st block says TAB1 so when I click it it should take me to TAB1 Pane.

I am trying to achieve this, hope i am properly translating the issue.

if that TAB 1 text is a hyperlink, then clicking on it should take you to the tab1.html page… when you :hover or :focus does it select the link?

maybe there is a z-order problem and something is in front of it?

The website has just 1 index.html page which has total of 9 tabs i.e. Home, Tab1, Tab2,…,Tab9.

On Home(Tab) I have created 8 blocks (2x4 as in screenshot) Tab1, Tab2,…,Tab8. So, when I click on 1st Block i.e. Tab1(hyperlink) it should take me to corresponding Tab1 Panel.

I tried #tab1 but it doesnt takes me anywhere otherwise individually they are working fine.

Please help.

if you are just trying to jump around to different places on the page, you can use the anchor tag with href="#id_name"… that will jump to the element on the page with the id=“id_name” attribute.

ur going to need to post some code if you need more help.