How to reduce Pinegrow database size?

I keep getting emails from my web host that the pg_files table is too large for my server. (The server is on the smaller size, 5gb, but I only use it for building/testing.) I’m unsure how to reduce it without removing the plugin and deleting the table. Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any files inside the table that are safe to delete?


Do you mean the size of the folder pg_backup? That folder contains backups of your website and can get quite big over time. You don’t need to upload this folder on your server.


No, it was definitely the pg_files table. However, I think I fixed it. I deleted my revisions (there were a ton of them, unbeknownst to me) and deleted every image from my project. That alone reduced a 5GB table to a 60MB table, which is kind of crazy. I checked it again this morning and it’s now 150MB. I guess it’s just the revisions? I just have to keep remembering to delete them, but I’m glad that there’s a solution.

Hello @ltsuser

Indeed, having too many revisions can take some storage, still 5GB is a lot, particularly when resources such as images are stored separately …

Is it possible for you to send us an export of the website? (follow our instructions from the support page here: Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor)