Elementary question about Exporting too many files Error

I’m still getting stuck on my very first steps with Pinegrow. After EArnoud could clarify for me, which the Theme Folder is (after I found that a bit confusing in the Freelancer/OlafPineson tutorial), I’m still stuck at Step 2 of the same tutorial.

The problem is: After I’ve put in all the right details in the fields of the “Wordpress site” window, and click on “Wordpress > Export the theme”, I get a pop-up window that says:

“Error - Exporting too many files”.

I’ve tried the same setups now on two computers (one where I’ve got the license, another one with a free trial) on different local servers, using MAMP, Local by Flywheel and Xampp, and always get the same error: “Error - Exporting too many files”.

How is that? Where do I go wrong?
I have not done any of the things suggested by the error message.

The amount of files mentioned there (more than 14MB/1673 files) is what the folder of the source files (Freelancer by StartBootstrap) contains, and (to my eyes) everything looks just like in the tutorial.

I started this question again with “Elementary …” because I think it’s probably something so simple that only PG beginners like me can get wrong …
Pls. help! Thx!

I’d like to add that I did try to click the button “No, that’s what I want. Proceed with export!” anyway TWICE. I just didn’t mention it before, because I thought, the files had got exported to the wrong folder as a result of me entering the wrong details the first time around. HOWEVER, to me at least, the same wrongful thing (I’m sure it’s wrong?) happens when I put in the right details:

= everything from the source folder gets exported to a new folder “_pgexport” inside that same source folder - that is the project folder, NOT THE THEME FOLDER.

Here’s a picture of the details I entered in WP ACTIONS FOR <HTML> , with the project folder path at the top of the frame:

So: What reason should there have been for saying it’s TOO MANY FILES?

Another funny thing: I took that snapshot yesterday (couldn’t upload it in one post, as I’m a beginner without the rights to do so). Today, I wanted to take another one (after I’d reinstalled WP, due to some changes), and try export again … but all the fields for entering details under " WP ACTIONS FOR <HTML>" were gone! … very same thing on my other laptop (where I’m using Local by Flywheel, and a trial versin of PG) and had made no changes to the WP installation …

So as this may be a bug, I’ll be sending you these questions also by e-mail. I’ve paid for Pinegrow, and I want to get to work with it now, but so far … no headway. For now, I’m getting back to coding the WP theme I must get finished this week manually again.

I gave it another try today, deleted all previous attempts and started fresh, this time with some more success. The same Error message came up as well, but when I checked the source AND theme folder, the files were there - in both folders … they’d got exported to both of them … I’m a beginner (with PG, not WP) and I don’t know, if that’s how it’s supposed to be (backup to source, yes, but export too?) … I believe I’d checked both yesterday, too, but as I didn’t make a snapshot, I can’t definitely say … I’ll get back with more or final results when I have them.

You may have better luck posting this to the Wordpress section of the forum. I do not use wordpress so I can not help you.