How to setup pinegrow and wordpress locally on a mac

Hey people,
can anybody let me know where can I find out how to setup locally Pinegrow and a local Wordpress installation to be able to build WP theme with pinegrow ?
I have seen some videos but all of them are confusing as hell.
I understand the difference between WP theme and WP sites etc.
But I don’t understand the folder and file structure I must have in place when c creating a theme with pinegrow.
Im using but don’t really understand what folder I should create and what folders are being created by and which by pinegrow.
I find it very user-unfriendly at first.
I already lost 2 days of my trial just by trying to figure out something that should be obvious right away.
I hope somebody can point me the right direction.

I have a complete walkthrough in the video linked below at timestamp 9:46 (setting up your development environment)

Note: this is part of a course preview, so it also has you importing dummy data which may not be necessary for what you want to do.

As an alternative to Local by flywheel you could use Laragon.
It does exactly the same things as Local but is much faster (although it has less intuitive graphics).

In addition to creating multiple WordPress installations, it also allows you to easily create ngrok tunnels to show your work to others.

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Adam you got me covered!! thx for this. Great tut and helped me to achieve the basic setup I tried to make for just 3 days :smiley:

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There is Live links with which seems very similar if I am not mistaken.


I use MAMP Pro so I’m not limited to just WordPress sites.

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