Building a WordPress website inside of PineGrow

I was under the impression that one could install WordPress, select a theme, and then continue building the site within Pinegrow.

I just installed WordPress to try it out within PineGrow, but have not found a way to add or edit pages using the PG UI.

Am I missing something or does one have to continue to build a WordPress site via the browser’s WordPress environment? If so, what’s PG usefulness?

@randyrie Hi. Pinegrow allows you to build the html pages that you can then use Pinegrow to convert to Wordpress themes which you then upload and activate in the Wordpress Dashboard/Admin Area of your website. If you’ve correctly added the WordPress actions to your html files you will be able to add your content via Wordpress (content management system CMS). There are tutorial in the documentation section of the Pinegrow website here.