HTML Snippets -

Currently I’m putting together an updated custom version of Bootstrap and Foundation and making use of HTML Snippets.

For example, start a blank page in PInegrow, Drop a section into the page, add a container, row & column - don’t add any content, but save the section as a HTML Snippet.

What this means, is I drop the snippet into the page every time I start a new section which also includes the container/row/column.

To take this further, drop a content thumbnail into the page, style the thumbnail, save it as a HTML Snippet and instead of always starting with the default thumbnail, you can drop your snippet into the page with your custom content thumbnail.

Footer - build the footer, add columns and the structure of a typical footer but don’t add any content, save it as a snippet and drop into the page when you need a footer.

It’s basically the same as “blocks” but instead of adding resources, its more focused on the structure of each section, allowing you to save time each time you start a blank project, while the CSS can be saved to style.css or mybootstrap.css

Hey Jack,I liked the idea, but I have difficulty with the translator here (Portuguese / Br), if I can do a “print” of how to do this, I better understand if I designed kkkk. Thanks.