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Create Custom Bootstrap 4 Templates



Have you ever wanted your own templates in “Create new page or project”?
read this to find out how


or follow instructions

  1. navigate to (C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinegrow4\frameworks\bootstrap4\template) and drop your html page in there. *remember to rename it as you want it to display as.
  2. if you want an image to display as well navigate to (C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinegrow4\frameworks\bootstrap4\template\screenshots) and drop your image in there, it must be 800x600 .jpg file with the same name as your html file.
  3. this is for bootstrap 4 templates only, to create other templates in other sections go to (C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinegrow4\frameworks) and dig around, I imagine the process would be the same.
  4. on a mac it looks like its in
  5. any .css and .js goes in same folder and must also be renamed to same name as html file.
  6. images would have to be remote with the url included in html eg:img src=“


posted by schpengle in #Slack


This is an external BS4 resources html I created…


And that there is a Template, which is for the Boostrap 4 resources template page code that @Pixelinity provided. so following this tutorial, you could easily set up a custom template for any project you would like. This might well be a good feature request.

It might be worth linking it to the #feature-request channel here, in order to have a simple way to add external template files to pinegrow.

maybe the same way as creating your own blocks etc, where you can save the templates externally, in a library or suchlike so it is not overwritten with a PineGrow update, and we dont have to ferret around in the App Package,

OR… the facility already exists, and we have missed the point! :slight_smile:
Does this already have an easier way to accomplish @earnoud, or is a worthy Item for a feature request?