I am Totally Bamboozled

I’m using this code to populate an iframe from another website:

This code successfully opens the page and displays the data on my PC, Macbook and iMac but WILL NOT display on any of my iOS devices. I’m wondering if this is yet another issue with iOS (it is only with this page on the app.box.com site that this happens). Would someone with a Droid device please check if this happens on their device? Please visit https://rjrwebz.com/hlaa and click to open the “Chapter Reports” dropdown. Does the data show for you?

Has anyone else run into a similar situation?

The data does not show (android S9+).

Perhaps try using the Box web application’s UI.

If this is what you have already done, then I would pursue the issue with box.com and see if there are any known issues and their respective solutions.