Is the iframe tag fully supported on all platforms/browsers?

I checked caniuse, but it seems it only has the various attributes for the tag, as opposed to the tag itself… so, I assume the tag itself is supported? (Not necessarily all the attributes, as I see in the caniuse tables)

I normally have a regular link to my demo reel on my site, linking to the YouTube page (as a new browser window)… but was pondering whether I should go for an embedded video this time around (a bit cleaner)… but I only want to do it if it doesn’t require a bunch of workaround code (…I’m looking at you IE!..).

So, I just wanted to check if the iframe tag is supported by everything these days… Not using any of the special attributes. I just want it to embed the video, and have a control panel so the vistor can start the video themselves, as well as pause, etc).

Hi @ladlon,
This is actually the CanIUse for the main element.

There is also a great browser support table at the mozilla docs site

Basically, you can use a basic iFrame on any modern browser. I think you would be fairly safe using an iframe.

if you want to put YOUR stuff in an iframe, it works just fine.

but many sites now block you from putting their content into an iframe, because of hijacking.

If you are doing youtube you can use the embed version so there is no origin clash. Here is an article by Moz that spells out pros and cons plus things to consider.

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Thanks guys. Some great info there!

For now, I just kept it as a _blank link to the YouTube page… just to be safe.

I may play around with doing an embedded version later, though.