I want to correlate two or more indicators

study(“QMA/SMA Difference”,overlay=false)
length = input(14)
src = input(close)
srk = input(close)
a = sma(src,length)
b = sqrt(sma(pow(srk,2),length))
c = b - a

This is my edit for Alex Grover’s indicator “QMA/SMA difference”. I don’t remember if he allows “input(close)” for his indicator or not. Anyway. I like correlating that type of stuff to other indicators. So let’s say I have an Ichimoku Cloud and I want to correlate src to the ichimoku cloud. Okay that’s great I can do that. I put src=input(close) in this here script like it is and then in the settings, correlate it. Okay. But I also want to include another indicator, lets’ say, an EMA. So I create the srk=input(close) part of this script. But when I go put it on my chart, I can’t correlate either src or srk to any indicator at all. I only get close, open, high, low, ohlc4, hlc3, stuff like that. No indicators. How can I fix this?

The main idea behind the Quadratic-Moving-Average and Simple-Moving-Average difference is to filter out noisy volatility using the same dataset for the same period.

You should correlate the indicators after the data noise has been removed for each dataset for the same periods.

I think you have come to the wrong forum. Why not ask Alex directly at the Trading View website?