Tailwind Position Selectors in UI Duplicate

In the “Position” selector area of the UI for Tailwind there are duplicate fraction choices:

Is this still happening to you? I haven’t been able to reproduce it on Mac or PC with version 6.8.

Yes, for both positive and negative numbers they are duplicated. It seems to only be an issue on PG Live not the older 6.4 version.

Also, for my margin area the negative fractions are coming up as NaN:

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@Emmanuel Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Pinegrow Live running a version that’s older than the current production version (6.8)? I also think I remember seeing that PG Live was going to be discontinued in favor of more frequent production releases because of some technical limitations. Is that still the case?

@adamslowe Yes and Yes. I confirm. :wink:

Ok, good to know.

I’ve updated to PG 6.8 and the only one I’ve seen so far that is still duplicating is Flex Basis after the first full variable: