Greensock Interactions updates and add-ons

Hi @Emmanuel @abirana ,

Will the version number of the original JavaScript GSAP (2.8) be in sync with the GSAP version in Interactions and can we expect add-ons/ plugins in the future like the original GSAP has to offer?
Like this one: MorphSVGPlugin - Plugins - GreenSock
And if not is this plugin and others compatible with the Pinegrow GSAP code?

I need to know this because I’m thinking about getting a Greensock license.



Anyone can answer my question please!?

Hi @AllMediaLab,
It is hard for me to say completely because I don’t have access to all of the GSAP plugins. But, from what I can see they require the setup of a new timeline. This means that you most likely can’t use any of them with PGIA. As it stands, the ScrollTrigger and ScrollTo plugins are already added into PGIA.
Good Luck,


OK clear! Thanks Bob. All GSAP plugins are excisable from code pen:

You can access code pen from the individual plugin pages.

I was considering a Greensock license to be combined with the Interaction GSAP, but that seems not to be working you say!? A pity!!!