I was excited about this but

It has locked up every time I start on the first step, on the “about file backups” pop up, it locks up. I’m on a M1 Imac. It seems to be working as a WP plugin though.

Twice I installed pinegrow in my wordpress website and twice I got a fatal error! Could not even login into WP. What a piece of crap plugin. Doesn’t worn on the Mac either. Good thing Site Ground has easy auto backups! Going elsewhere!

Hi Evangelos,

It would be very helpful if you are able to share a screenshot of what error you encountered. There could be various reasons including local environment / browser setup and other factors that could possibly be outside Pinegrow.


Thank you for sharing your experience with installing the plugin on your WordPress website and the compatibility issues you encountered on your Mac. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve our services.

To better understand and address the fatal errors you experienced, it would be beneficial if you could provide us with more specific details. This will help us identify the root cause of the issue and find a suitable solution.

We value your feedback and take it seriously. While we haven’t received similar reports since the introduction of the Pinegrow plugin last year, we understand that every user’s experience can vary.

If you are open to it, we would be more than happy to assist you further and work towards resolving the compatibility issues you faced. Please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@pinegrow.com, and they will be ready to assist you promptly.

Best regards.

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