Possible issue with the "Import WordPress HTML" feature

I was building a Wordpress theme last fall and had to step away from it for quite awhile. I recently switched on the Local.app server and re-opened the Pinegrow project, only to find that all my images are broken and the preview of index.php is mangled.

I selected WordPress > Import content from the site, but that results in the following error:

The preview URL for this page (https://portfolio.local) is probably wrong - or, this theme is not active for this WordPress site. Page index.html does not export to a WordPress template that is shown with this preview url.

As far as I can tell, my preview url is correct; it renders fine when I select Open preview, and the site works in my browser at that url. I’ve confirmed that the theme is being exported to this WordPress install and is the currently active theme. I’ve tried Regenerate functions.php… and Clear the theme folder… but no change.

Is there anything else I can try?

If it’s relevant:

  • macOS 13.4.1 (c)
  • Pinegrow 7.6
  • Local.app 7.0.2+6395
  • PHP version 7.4.3
  • Wordpress 6.2.2

Can you please contact the support so we can check all the details with you?

I have also had this issue for a number of months, I can’t remember what version of PG it started not working but it was on macOS. I’m now running Pinegrow 7.6 on Windows and still have the same issue. URL is correct and was working fine initially.

@Oli @Beardmancer

We haven’t received any additional details via the support email. Therefore, I took the liberty of conducting a quick test using the functionality with Pinegrow 7.6 on macOS on a standard & ultra basic theme quickly build for the occasion. From the main loop, I successfully imported the content from WordPress without any issues. You can see the process in the attached video.

Note: broken images placeholders are visible because the live site content is also a bit broken (I did the test in a hurry from an old wp instance), its not related to any issue with the import.

So, it seems crucial to have more information regarding the use case of the functionality when it does not “work” as expected. This will allow us to provide more targeted assistance and resolve any potential issues more effectively.

Thanks @Emmanuel, I appreciate the quick response and demo. I need to try one of the recommendations from the support link you provided, and if that does not lead me to a solution I will send a note to support.