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Hi there,

today I can´t start the interactive tutorials. I have to log in, but where do I have to log in? The message is: Sorry, only for Pinegrow subscribers. If I want to subscribe, I get the message, that the app is in closed beta. If I want to lock in, there appears the login window from my wordpress installation. What´s wrong?


Update: installing the plugin at a XAMPP-Installation and there is everything fine. Seems, that I´m not logged-in.

Update 2: Installed at two Websites hosted by Host Europe at different servers: The PlugIn “says”, that I´m a guest. E-mail address and license are entered correctly.

Solution: I found the culprit: it’s the Twentig plugin.

Hi @Mr.Smith thanks for posting!

I tested the plugin with Twentig and it works ok for me. We have an issue with an incorrect dialog popping up when the user is not logged in - looks like this happened in your case. The solution is to login in WP dashboard with normal WP login and then reload Pinegrow page.

This will be fixed and in such case a popup login form will be shown.

Pinegrow plugin uses the standard WP login form / window, so just log into there if it pops up.

All the best, Matjaz

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Hello Matjaz, thank you for your answer. Your solution doesn’t help me. Pinegrow reports that I am not logged in. Reloading the pinegrow window doesn’t help either.
This is currently not a problem for me as I will no longer be using Twentig in the future.
Greetings Uwe