Important note about Pinegrow Technical Support (through email)

Dear Pinegrow users,

When we receive an email from you through our support channel, we assume that you have already thoroughly reviewed our documentation and tutorials (note: using the search bar can be a great help!), our Youtube Channel, our community forum and our Slack channel.

While we would love to be able to provide detailed answers to all the interesting questions we receive every day, our role is to provide assistance with specific Pinegrow features, billing and/or licensing issues. We’re unable to provide extensive support or step by step / custom instructions / guides about HTML and CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap & Foundation frameworks, and extended custom functionalities related to WordPress.

You should find excellent documentation on these topics via the following links:



Bootstrap 3.3.x Framework

Foundation 6.X Framework

Materialize CSS


However, we take good note of all the questions/use case we receive and depending on the frequency of similar requests, we maybe publish specific tutorials on our documentation site in the near future.

Stay tuned.