Increase Block Attribute count up from 8

Started creating a column block and was hit with a limit of the number of block attributes I could use.
I can create child divs and add options to them but that starts to add too much bloat structure with repeated use of the blocks within WordPress.

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Possible workaround in some scenarios: Make use of the Block Inner Content smart action and use the Allowed Block Types setting so that editors can only add the blocks you specify (which can be other custom blocks). I’ve done this for feature grids and other cases where the content structure is repeatable.

But yes, I agree that adding more than 8 attributes would be nice!

The max attributes number will be increased to 12 in the next release. The reason for having the limit is that there is a performance penalty associated with multiple attributes when displaying the UI for the Block Attributes action.


The latest PG Live 6.7.2 addresses the issues mentioned in this topic. See details below and please report any issues into their respective forum topics. Note, these features are considered Beta for now.

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