Limit the amount of links in a wp block

Is there any way to limit the amount of links that a user can input into the link block when selecting the block group? Similar to using the relationship area where you can limit the number of links that can be posted. thx

Can you explain? Ist this a Pinegrow related question or Gutenberg in general?
If PG can you give a Screenshot?

sorry about that - see screenshot on the right side - I only want the user to be able to bring in one story per my design slot, not two. see selected post one.

Thank you for the clarification. New Question: is this an ACF Block? Then you can easily restrict the number of relations per field to 1.
Another option would be just one Relation field and then restrict the relations to 4. Then you just need 1 field instead of 4. Using a “Show posts” Action you can query the posts from the field.