Inner Gutenberg Blocks with The Loop Block

Created a custom loop (The Loop) and added the Block Inner Content that sits under The loop items container. It will loop through the number of pages (or posts) but will not allow the child blocks to use the loop data. When I put the Gutenberg default Post Title or any of my own custom created blocks (eg a block using get_the_title(), Post Title, Page Title, the title etc) it pulls the viewed pages data and not the loop data.

Running a child block with php code var_dump($loop_query) returns variable undefined. $loop_query being the query name I set in The Loop.

I can of course set a hard-coded title and access the loop data outside of the Block Inner Content system.

Ideally I am trying to make a more powerful loop block than the default one provided by WordPress.


@ThatWebsiteIsMe I don’t think this can work. The loop context and Block Inner Content are two separate worlds in WP.

That’s a shame - this would allow for some clever dynamic content query loops. In that case, I might look at how to learn extending the Query Loop block.