Interest in a Jekyll (or Hugo) integration for Pinegrow?

A while ago I and @RobM tossed ideas around of what a Jekyll (or Hugo, basically, ‘a’ static site generator…) integration with Pinegrow could potentially look like. Since that wasn’t the initial topic of the thread we were posting in, RobM suggested to move to this to a dedicated thread. Despite that he said he’d make one if he had found some time to do so, I know he is a busy person so I’m taking the liberty of creating one myself. The point of this thread is to continue to toss around ideas (if any) and to gauge the interest for a potential integration of a static site generator with Pinegrow (and if any, to hopefully interest some plugin developers to make it).

This is the last post I made about this in the other thread:

(I wasn’t sure in which category to post this thread but I eventually went with the category the other thread was in.)

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Not sure how to do it, but I’m interested having a need to create themes for static-site-generator using Jinja2 templating engine…

Maybe, there could be some common platform and then just throw a specific support for different templating engines?

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