Pinegrow and Winden

@adamslowe I’ve been reading with interest your little snippets about your trials with Winden and Pinegrow, particularly in relation to the Pinegrow WordPress plugin. Something that opens up the Tailwind config to PG WP plugin users would be really useful I suspect.

Would you recommend taking a punt with that?

I’ve been working away at a Desktop to Plugin tutorial and that inability to actively get at the Tailwind config is a limitation.

@Dom - In my very limited tests, it seemed to work pretty well, aside from some issues getting it to generate the final CSS file for production mode. I do like that it gives us a way to add custom Tailwind configurations and even Tailwind plugins inside WordPress and the Pinegrow WordPress plugin. We would normally need to use the Tailwind External Build Process to do this, and moving a project that relies on that build process to the WP Plugin becomes a challenge when we can’t modify the TW config.

I want so badly to say that Winden is worth a try, but something in my gut is making me hesitant. Maybe it’s because of dPlugins’ history of cranking out products and features “fast and loose” and then ignoring them when the next shiny thing comes along.

They are also doing some funny things with the way they inject the stylesheet using JavaScript. It’s probably okay, but between that and the potential for conflict with Pinegrow’s “native” Tailwind implementation, it gives me a slight pause.

There is also my philosophical opinion that we shouldn’t be using plugins for frameworks since it adds proprietary dependencies on critical components.

I don’t know… maybe I’m paranoid. They had a great hit with Swiss Knife Pro, and they seem to be throwing weight behind Winden, so maybe it’ll be fine.

How is that for an answer? LoL

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Thanks for your thoughts on this, they pretty much echo what had been going through my mind.

I took a punt on a few of their plugins at the very first release because I felt that they had potential. Swiss knife is probably the only one to have stood the test of time. Scripts Organiser was great but is flawed by a bug that they seem reticent to fix, the same is true of collaboration which was a great idea but is again stuck.

Given that the real / only attraction that sits with Winden from a PG perspective is that ability to both minify the css and use the config file with the PG WP plugin that needs to be a verifiable proof of concept first.

I’d hope that @matjaz does try and address that internally. A PG based solution to that would be preferable in every respect.