Interesting article about Design v Content led projects

Here’s an interesting short article from Rafal Tomal about Content or Design first and how to handle both scenario that’s worth reading.

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@Rob next time you start a project design first, try this for filler text

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LOL, I seem to be surrounded by clients who want to focus on design first despite my best efforts to get them to focus on content. For me, and I believe other web professionals, content has to come first. Content completes the understanding of both the clients business and their target market and without it we are creating in a void. I’ll never understand why there aren’t more sites that promote (insert favourite shower gel) instead of the actual business they are meant to serve because of the lack of content. For example some company’s have very unique urls, e.g., but what if I somehow knew nothing about ibm and didn’t have any content to inform my design decisions I could end up with a fantastic design that would 100% please my client if it was for an organisation for Introvert Business Managers! That could be an interesting project but apparently is taken!

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I guess clients want a website they are proud to look at, and showcase but I agree content is important - you can argue its more important - but I maintain you can have both, great design and great content.

Your website can be

  • Slick, beautiful, the dogs dangles
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly
  • Full of great content
  • Functional

It’s just about finding that balance and finding that sweet spot, instead of focusing too heavily on one aspect.