Beautiful Websites

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@Rob that was for you (WordPress) :grinning:

Great looking websites

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Thats right Rob, You can build great looking websites with any framework, software, even wix!

I just love the colours of charity websites and the images, I would love to work within this sector at some point , for a charity (instead of being a freelancer) its a niche sector and its also nice helping campaigns attract donations.

I’m Graphic designer and no developer at first (I specify)
on esthetic point of view i miss FLASH (or something like that), there’s so much things nice to immerse the people in something… to me it was the futur, we were very closed to 3D web and then all fall… I understand why of course. BUT, I have the feeling we step back on esthetic point of view and diversity. All website are similar and the responsible is probably grid system and the huge amount of devices who forced websites to be responsive… (probably because of market place and template too)

also, I mean it’s a good subject to discuss.

This is the reason, responsive web design, it means as a designer or developer you’re constantly thinking “how can I make this work across all devices”, the simple way is use big photos and focus on colour schemes to create visually appealing websites.

Flash? I can’t say I miss flash! sure it was impressive at times and it had that wow factor back in the day, but if ask the general person on the street what they prefer (and remember these are your customers or potential customers) they will tell you “simple and elegant” and this is just what people like, so design for them and you’re doing your job.

Maybe save the crazy experiments for your own viewing!

big photos and focus on colour schemes

a bit limited to make your website different.

ask the general person on the street what they prefer

oh I can tell you if you gives them a 2advanced website and a generic layout today… I can tell you they probably choose the flash one.

(and remember these are your customers or potential customers)

But I agree the content is the most important thing.

Anyway probably in a near futur website will be app, like way more complicated on code to provide such an experience. Also it depend of the content, products, target etc… no need for such a thing for everything of course …
Also I’m not talking about experiments they no way experiments is interesting for people except for an overage for design only without goal except that one “design”… I’m talking about “immersion”, “user experience” where the people is actor inside.

But Flash was not good for SEO that I agree… and alternative like Adobe Edge Animate or Hype 3 pro is cool but this is limited…

This is what works, its popular for a reason, being different usually results in horrific looking websites because the designer has an obsession with trying to be different, only outstanding designers can be different and deliver a website that is also visually appealing and enjoyable to browse.

Content is important but design adds value to content, bad design will cause the visitor to browse away from the website and any good content won’t be viewed. Thats the whole point of good design, it makes the website more enjoyable for the visitor, so they will browse the website and read all content.

No, they wouldn’t, next you be saying animated gifs should make a comeback! It sounds like you’re living the past and because you feel all websites look the same , because you want to be different, your websites will look outdated.

while I agree most websites today look the same, I remember having a discussion recently with a designer, he works in the states and a leading freelancer and we had a similar discussion and simple, elegant, colour schemes with big photos are what people like, its a fact and you can’t change what is popular just because you want to be different.

No it is what it is because it’s easy to make website based on grid systems, or worst build a website based on wordpress with an envato template… and a lot of people make website today without a clue of what’s graphic design and web design “are” actually. But it’s ok it’s the same with Photography, therefore you see more or less directly who is a real photograph and who are just taking pictures.

because you want to be different

I don’t want to be different… I just say website nowadays is boring and cloned. that’s what I think. I know you think differently and that’s nice because otherwise humanly speaking I will find it boring as well :wink:

@Bio-Designer we share some of the same opinions, such as “all websites look the same” “gird systems” however the difference is instead of trying to be different, I’m focusing on what people like, while adding in my own creative thinking.

WordPress is popular for a reason. Template websites are popular for a reason and if you want to be a success in this industry, you have to focus on trends while also adding in your own creative thinking, so you stand out.

Yes, I said the same when I joined this forum, I know they all look the same and its boring but again, this is what people like, plus remember it makes our life easier as simple, elegant means less work!

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Have a nice day @Jack_Clarity

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You too @Bio-Designer

Not sure what platform you are working on but if it’s OSX then check out Hype 3. It does most of what flash did with HTML5 compliant code. The Pro version adds more functionality.

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Google Web Designer may excite @Bio-Designer plus its free :grinning:

This talk of Adobe Flash took me back to the days of Adobe Photoshop layouts and Adobe Flash/creative suite, shame I didn’t keep my old hard drive as I had loads of examples of these websites! Back then you had free reign to design,

HTML5 animations, they will annoy your visitors and it will make your website look cheap, unless you’re specialist in this area, so be wary of going down this route.