Internal Server Of Pinegrow Unable To Start

As soon as I started the Pinegrow, I am getting error message Pinegrow was unable to start its internal webserver

Hi there, the first thing to check are you firewalls and security settings if any. then… some other stuff! :slight_smile:
I have known this to clear up after deleting and reinstalling and paying more attention to what my system told me as it Installed (on a mac, with a frightening level of Security Paranoia)

I cant remember the other reasons right now, but I’m sure someone will get back to you

There is nothing about setting up Pinegrow with no internal server. I am trying to configure with wampserver, but I can only explain the error that does not help me at all!
I would like someone to help me, distribute some material that knows how to do this configuration. If possible the company please call in its documentation.

hi @rafa82as,
and Welcome.

The PINEGROW internal Webserver is only used for PREVIEWING your website, in a browser, as you develop it Locally.

THIS Webserver is Pinegrow’s OWN in built server and the settings can be found under Pinegrow’s,
SUPPORT/SETTINGS/Internal Web Server settings.

These settings apply ONLY to the Pinegrow, native, in built web server and these settings should NOT be the same as your WAMP server settings, as they would conflict.

If you want to use WAMP, then go ahead as you usually do!
and just save your projects/files in the correct WAMP directory and save/refresh view as normal.

BUT, the preview in browser option with Pinegrow Ctrl+B on Windows box, will not work, as you will NOT be using the … pinegrow web server (which is live updated after changes) to view.

I am not sure if this is the information you require, but I hope it helps.

If you just wish to use WAMP, with no other issue, then just make sure that you save your files/project in the correct WAMP home serving directory.

P.S. I am not part of Pinegrow Company, just another user trying to help you :slight_smile:

N.B. I do not think you can turn the Pinegrow internal server off.