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Interneting is Hard -Beautifully Designed Tutorial


Great information worth reading and lovely looking site.


The crazy thing is, Pinegrow does so much work for you, if you take the time to learn the code.

Design agencies have a team, say a designer, a developer, programmer, a copywriter and whoever else, but as a freelancer, PInegrow is effectively your partner! You just have to make the effort to learn some code and youโ€™re laughing.


That site is really nice aesthetically, regarding learning HTML, CSS and web development, while conveying the needed concepts in a clean and simple manner. It looks like a great resource, love the Illustrations.


@Pinegrow_User I first saw this site on my phone and it was fast loading and just beautiful looking. Clean and simple but I felt drawn into it and wanted to see more of it, the information was an added bonus. I think it would be a great resource for people new to creating websites and certainly something that Pinegrow users should use as an reference to help them learn about HTML, CSS.

#5 - yes, w3schools :grinning:


Oh Yes!

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