Looking for full tutorial

I am looking for a tutorial or set of tutorials that guide a new user on how to build a site from the ground up using Pinegrow. Any such thing? Preferably focusing on the newest version of the application.

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This would be your best place to start…

I recommend reading everything available, and watching all the videos first, then going through the whole process a second time with the program open, so you can perform the operations alongside the instruction.

Bear in mind that while you can certainly build a website from scratch using Pinegrow, it is enormously helpful to have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and how to use Javascripts in a website. You can do quite a lot using the Bootstrap Blocks that are included in Pinegrow, but if you really want to customize your website to make it unique, you kind of need to have an understanding of the aforementioned languages.

Pinegrow is extremely powerful, and you can basically use it to do just about anything that you could do if you hand-coded your website, but it’s not a true “drag & drop” style builder, like Wix or Weebly. Nor is a visual “designer” like Adobe Muse. It’s an EDITOR. It’s kind of like the difference between building a house with hand tools, and building it with power tools. Pinegrow enables you to do everything faster, more efficiently, and “live” (meaning, when you make a change, it’s immediately updated in the site preview window.) This makes it easier to learn HTML and CSS, since you can see directly what changing a CSS value or HTML tag does.

There are also a lot of great people here in the forum who can help you with obstacles. Good luck!

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Yes, I know. Thanks. But my OP is what I need answered.

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What kind of site? What technology will you use? Foundation, Bootstrap? Wordpress? Custom CMS?
Plain html or data driven? Will there be animations?

You will not find the most recent version being used in tutorials yet but there are quite a few of them on Youtube and more in Google search. Have you bothered to search for tutorials? Even the older versions used will allow you to easily figure out Pinegrow 4 through 4.8. Things just get easier with the newest release.

Here are three tutorials I found on Youtube within 30 seconds of searching.

If you are new to Pinegrow I would first go through EVERY tutorial and article written for Pinegrow to familiarize yourself with the features and how they are layed out. Open up one of the many sample pages and look at the layout structure and how it is put together. Then experiment with moving things around and adding content to the page from the library. Drag and drop and move things around on the page and in the tree view. Get a feel for what you can do and how Pinegrow responds and reacts.

If you do not know or understand html and css I would highly recommend learning the basics of that first or you will easily get lost and not understand very simple things that those who have the basics down do.

Then what I would do is take an offline page from a magazine, book, calendar, newspaper or what have you and recreate it in full as close as possible within Pinegrow. Maybe use different photos, fonts or filler but the overall design should look very close when complete if not the same content word for word or photo for photo.

That is the only way I personally know of to actually learn learn any tool, in this case Pinegrow.

If you do not have the basics down, html and css, then you really need to before going too much further or you will like I said run into road blocks you would not if you don’t have the basics first.

Otherwise just drag and drop things around and see what you can do to get as close to whatever you want in look as possible.