Is it possible to use loops within a ACF block?

I have a section as a ACF block but i want to use loops to add more items to my block.

The block section is a portfolio section with categories , image and a title.
What i want to make is a easy way to add more portfolio items with a loop just like custom posts.

Is there a way to use loops within a AFC block?
It would be nice to use custom posts and just fill the block with that.

Like this?

Yes i was just looking at this.
However can i make a custom post and get the afc block to populate the fields with the custom posts.

To make it easy ill use team member as a example.
I make a new custom post type called team members and add team member as singular.
Then i want to get afc with the block function of pinegrow to populate team members in the block with the custom posts.

Is that possible?