Is there a way to add translation support to a theme without using custom code?

Hello. Is it possible to add some actions that would automatically generate such translation functions for the theme as: __(), _e() and so on, so that you can add multilingual support to the developed theme without using PHP code action?

What is the best way to implement multilingual support for the theme being developed using Pinegrow Theme Converter?

I noticed that Pinegrow Theme Converter generates standard Wordpess functions for translation when, for example, Menu Smart Action is added:

Is it possible to add translation functions manually? For example, if I want some content in the page template to be translated? Or if I want to translate menu items?

Hi @Catative,
There isn’t any built-in support for this. I think you would have to write custom PHP for this.

With Pinegrow Web Editor, when the feature is not available from the interface, YES, it remains possible through the addition of custom code and this is the case here.

Pinegrow is not a closed application but a solution that offers facilities for most common development needs AND does not restrict scalability when specific/custom needs are not covered with our helpers :slight_smile:

@RobM and @Emmanuel, ok, thanks!:slight_smile: