Multilingual wordpress website

Hi friends. I checked on forum but cant find any solution… if anyone helps, it would be appreciated.

I want to create a theme for a multilingual wordpress website. I designed and finally completed. But I cant use it on multilingual site. because I cant edit template for different languages.
Here i show you on pictures.

here are some images and posts. when I change language, posts change to other language. but index page doesnt consist of only posts, I also added some images and customizer fields. when I change language, customizer field not change, it remains same…

Also, I tried to make page template. I created index as page template, I created a page to show posts but its not working…

I tried polylang but it cant detect customizer fields as string…

In short: How can we create a multilingual wordpress website with pinegrow?
Is there a way to change customizer fields for languages?

Hi @aliveli,
Translation in WordPress is a pretty detailed subject. Here is an earlier posting in the forum on this subject.
Here is a link to the WordPress developers section on theme internationalization and localization.
It is hard to do to much more troubleshooting or help with out being able to see more specific examples of what you have tried.
Feel free to reach back out with more specifics,