Is there a way to extend the keyboard shortcuts?

Hello - Is this all the keyboard shortcuts? Keyboard Shortcuts | Pinegrow Web Editor

I know that would normally be plenty for average user. I have severe RSI and cannot use mouse or keyboard for very long (I have to hook up keyboard shortcuts to talon voice rec, but if there are not many shortcuts, then I am limited in what I can do). If not I understand that my use case is very low and will continue to grind out web dev in vscode by itself (but would be nice to use this visual tool instead of going cross-eyed looking at code all day :slight_smile: )

PS: found out about Pinegrow via youtube via Adam Lowe’s channel.

I don’t know what operating system you are using to run Pinegrow, but one workaround I generally use for the lack of keyboard shortcuts in Pinegrow on a Mac — or on any other app really — is by using a marvelous piece of software called Keyboard Maestro, which can automate just about any action normally performed with the mouse or keyboard, and attribute a keyboard shortcut for it. It works wonders to reduce both mouse and keyboard usage.

There isn’t an exact equivalent for Windows, but many people use AutoIt for the same kind of task.

Hi marc_io - I knew I shoulda bought a Mac :slight_smile: I’m on Linux and voice rec setup is: Talon voice rec (like Dragon except mainly for programming) + Cursorless + Rango (browser extension). I might pop a link to the Pinegrow software on the Talon slack which is full of voice programmers and they may have some ideas. I like this Pinegrow system so I could compromise by using the Wordpress plugin to at least create custom blocks & themes for WP work (the voice stack above works fairly well, due to Rango browser extension, even in that horrible Gutenberg editor lol). It would have been nice to be able to do static site work in it. Oh well I can dream haha.

Thanks anyway man!

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Hey @tubbs, thanks for chiming in! I have severe RA, with many of the same functional issues you probably deal with. I can manage on the keyboard most of the time, but extended mouse use is a nightmare!

Hearing about others who struggle with needing better accessibility goes a long way when Pinegrow is balancing their priorities. I’m sure a full a11y overhaul is completely out of the question in the near term, but there are certain things, such as predictable tab behavior and customizable keyboard shortcuts, that would go a long way.

Hi Adam no worries. Yeah the keyboard use is easily solved with voice rec, the mouse on the other hand not so much. It’s a little annoying cause there’s all these nice toys like PG to play with :slight_smile:

Understood about overhaul. For such a tiny % of the market, which is not likely to change in future, not worth the dev.

Thnx for the tips I’ll look into the tab behavior and shortcuts and see if I can duck-tape something together.

Anyway back to it as I’m going through your YT vids at the moment which are very thorough btw :+1:

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