Is there any special reason that the order of Tree Panel is changed?


When I drag and drop from the elements of Tree Panel into the grid parts of Design Panel,
the order of elements of Tree Panel is changed from the top to the bottom.

Is there any special reason for that ?
Can I set up for the order not to be changed ?


Hi @alexseo,
From your pictures I can’t tell completely what is going on, but the tree will represent your HTML. There are two modes, source - which shows the code as written, and DOM -which shows how the browser parses the HTML. For example, adding elements with JavaScript will change the DOM.
If your grid rearranges the order, however, the browser is still parsing the HTML the same way. It is being re-arranged at the CSS level. In fact, if you have multiple sections that you try navigating with the keyboard, you will see that they are in the order of the HTML, not the rearranged grid order. This can cause accessibility problems.
Hope this addresses your problem,