Tree view switched - can't switch back

This might be a stupid question - but - in a project I’m working on I seemed to have changed the tree pane view, and I don’t know how. I’ve tried switching from source to DOM - no change. What I see now is the image below. How do I switch it back to the ‘normal’ view?

Every page has two distinct layout structures:

The Code structure as defined in the source code of the page.
The DOM structure as it is displayed in the browser, after browser parses the source code.

The Code structure is displayed by default in the Tree panel because it lets you see what’s happening in the source structure of your page. Use the DOM mode when you need to see what’s actually displayed in the browser.

For more info see: Section 9: The Source code structure vs. the DOM structure on the documentation about the “Tree Panel”.

I see now that you already tried that… :zipper_mouth_face:

Yeah - I launched another project that I’m working on and the tree view works just fine so it seems to be just the one project having issues. I went through the code to see if I’d missed any formatting etc and I didn’t find anything. It’s not a show stopper but I’d like to find out how to fix it.