Is there WEBp support?

I’m not sure if this is a feature listed item or a bug, but when I’m using webp images, they do not show up. It would be nice to have these supported.

Hi @Redsei,
The webp format is fully supported by Pinegrow. Here is an example:

Maybe there is another problem in the code or the loading of the image file (bad location/URL)?
Let me know,

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Sorry Bob, I fell off the earth the last month… but am responding to your post. I still have the same issue and have now moved on to Monterey to see if that works… but have the same results.

Hi @Redsei,
A couple of things that I can think of.
One - Possibly the webp file is corrupt? You could DM it to me for testing.
Two - There is a problem with the way you are adding it to the page. Maybe you could send a screenshot of the properties panel for the element where you are adding the image and the Project panel to see the file location?
Three - Something else in the project is interfering. This would require sending me your project through a file transfer service. You could first try creating a brand new project and adding just an image element with the webp file to the page to rule this out.

Hi @RobM,

I want to start using WebP and as far as I see it using the picture tag with a .jpg fallback should be the best solution. But in plain HTML I don’t see a picture element in PG? Sure, I could add it with code, but wouldn’t it be great if we could add responsive images and alternative formats like webp directly in the property tab? Just as a future feature request. And it would be awesome if we could ad the loading=“lazy” property with a checkbox in the properties tab. :grinning:

HI @Riccarcharias , I’ve run into this in the past. There was a plugin created but I have not used it very much and I don’t know if it is well maintained: SRCset and <picture> plugin for PG available!

-Best regards,

We now have a simple implementation for Picture with multiple sources and Lazy loading checkbox on images and iframes. The feature is very bare-bones for now, but still useful. It will be released in the next update.

Here is a quick video preview: