Is there WEBp support?

I’m not sure if this is a feature listed item or a bug, but when I’m using webp images, they do not show up. It would be nice to have these supported.

Hi @Redsei,
The webp format is fully supported by Pinegrow. Here is an example:

Maybe there is another problem in the code or the loading of the image file (bad location/URL)?
Let me know,

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Sorry Bob, I fell off the earth the last month… but am responding to your post. I still have the same issue and have now moved on to Monterey to see if that works… but have the same results.

Hi @Redsei,
A couple of things that I can think of.
One - Possibly the webp file is corrupt? You could DM it to me for testing.
Two - There is a problem with the way you are adding it to the page. Maybe you could send a screenshot of the properties panel for the element where you are adding the image and the Project panel to see the file location?
Three - Something else in the project is interfering. This would require sending me your project through a file transfer service. You could first try creating a brand new project and adding just an image element with the webp file to the page to rule this out.

Hi @RobM,

I want to start using WebP and as far as I see it using the picture tag with a .jpg fallback should be the best solution. But in plain HTML I don’t see a picture element in PG? Sure, I could add it with code, but wouldn’t it be great if we could add responsive images and alternative formats like webp directly in the property tab? Just as a future feature request. And it would be awesome if we could ad the loading=“lazy” property with a checkbox in the properties tab. :grinning:

HI @Riccarcharias , I’ve run into this in the past. There was a plugin created but I have not used it very much and I don’t know if it is well maintained: SRCset and <picture> plugin for PG available!

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We now have a simple implementation for Picture with multiple sources and Lazy loading checkbox on images and iframes. The feature is very bare-bones for now, but still useful. It will be released in the next update.

Here is a quick video preview:


Thanks @jonroc ! But I’ll be waiting for the official Pinegrow implementation of this feature. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @matjaz , you guys rock! This is why I love Pinegrow so much!


This feature is now available in Pinegrow Live release. Take it for a spin and let us know if there are any issues.


It is nice but not very user friendly, better would be to be able to choose one image and make Pinegrow
resize the images, optimize and convert to for example webp and jpg and create the code in one click.

You have to upload an image to see this underneath working!

Something like this, but then more advanced:

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