Learn different Block Types offered by Pinegrow for WordPress

Pinegrow offers four different block types. This raises the question of when to use which block type. To understand the differences, let’s build a testimonial block as a regular, hybrid and ACF block.


This is a great, professional video! Thanks!


Great video @MichelyWeb, thank you for making it! We added this video and others to our WP docs page: Marco Michely tutorials | Pinegrow Web Editor
Hope that is fine for you, let us know if you would change anything.


Thanks @matjaz. I appreciate that!

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Nice one @MichelyWeb :ok_hand:t4: Looking forward to learning from it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great tutorial @MichelyWeb ! I learned a lot from your detailed instructions, thank you for sharing the knowledge.

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Thanks for putting that together @MichelyWeb

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I really appreciate the effort :dizzy:

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