Loading Project Every time

Every time I open Pinegrow, I have to reload my website Project and it takes over an hour to do it and that window sits in front of my work screen. If I try to move the Looking for components/loading window, it just duplicates it and then I have 2 windows loading the project. I’m kinda at my wits end here. I would have thought the project would stay loaded until we wanted another one. Or maybe have the loading take place in the background. Something. This has become very frustrating for me.

Hi there, you might want to give the devs a bit more information.
such as What operating system, which version of Pinegrow, Also, zip up your project in case they ask you to send it to them to check.

This doesn’t sound like the correct behaviour on any OS!

Over an hour! That’s definitely not normal behavior. How big is your project? How many pages?

It’s website that has a forum, a store and an affiliate program so there’s are a lot of components to load. But even with no changes, it has to be loaded up new every time my laptop goes to sleep.