Projects no longer loading correctly

Im honestly not sure if this is a bug or what has happened but suddenly after working on a project, I now cant get any project to load correctly. Whenever a project loads, elements are unclickable, style sheets arent applying, basically nothing is working. Everything was working just fine about 20 minutes ago and suddenly stopped. Ive attached a screenshot of what loads whenever I try and load a project.

The CSS for the site I was editing whenever this started happing works just fine but I cant click on any elements or edit anything because it says everything is being applied via javascript which it isnt. They are just simple static HTML files. Any help at all would be great. Ive tried restarting computer, uninstalling pinegrow, and anything else I can think of.

Hi @itsjustdylan,
This sounds like it could be a little complicated and probably is a good case for a support ticket. Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor