New User Looking for Workflow advice and

HI Community,

I am a new user to Pinegrow and I am looking for workflow advice. Currently we develop on WordPress using the Avada theme but want to try something different.

Few questions.

  1. Can we do parallax containers? if no, do we build these in Pinegrow or do we need a separate plugin to develop out master pages for our clients WP sites?

  2. What about animations? in the Avada theme, there are options to animate containers several styles. Can we do our animations in Pinegrow or do we need to custom code those in WP? or…

  3. What is the best way to build out pages for our WP sites? is that part of the theme we are build, or do we still need to find a drag and drop editor in the WP edit section?

  4. I am still a little confused. Is Pinegrow only used for building themes, then we need to go into WP to build the pages? just looking ofr more information on stickyheaders, etc

Any workflow advice helps. I looked on YouTube for tutorials but I really found anything that helps.

Thank you,


New to Pinegrow… New to Wordpress Theme Development as well. You know it’s very different to build a website from front end editing for a customer with a template. And use Pinegrow wordpress blocs or Pinegrow WP for a full theme development… To me, if Pinegrow make it faster you need to know the basics of Wordpress theme development before to take advantage of tools who make the task faster/easier it’s like learning SASS without to know what CSS is…

Also there’s license issue i guess you need to ask to Pinegrow owners for authorization… I think you can’t use it and sell your theme then to customers… That’s why they released the Pinegrow WordPress Starter Theme (with it you can sell your modified theme… if I understood well)

In past version of Pinegrow there was a animator Pinegrow plugin ( but I don’t know if the project is still in development and I don’t know when upgraded plugin compatible with the last version of Pinegrow will be available.
Anyway for animation duties you always have JS, Jquery and CSS3… depends of the animation you need to make.

Pinegrow can do whatever you want. Assuming you know Html, Css, Javascript (And eventually Tooling, JS based framework, PHP…) And of course, how a Wordpress theme is built and how it’s working initially.

Do you watched this :

Here are some important details about what you can do with Pinegrow

Whether it’s HTML templates (using Bootstrap 3 or 4, Foundation 5 or 6, Materialize our plain HTML), a website, a wordpress theme, you can do whatever you want with your OWN creations. (sell to customers or through a marketplace, offer, use for yourself)

The only restriction in Pinegrow is about the use of Bootstrap Blocks (static or for WordPress) which are available through a specific license from

  • You can use Blocks to build and deploy websites for yourself and your clients, free or paid, as many as you want.
  • You can NOT use Blocks to create templates and themes that you then sell in template marketplaces or give away for free.

Because Pinegrow allows you to open and edit any HTML document (including templates from third parties), it is your responsibility to respect the terms of use as well as the copyright.

Oh ok understood even better now. Thanks @Emmanuel for clarifications :wink:
it’s only for blocks and to release a theme on marketplace or giveaway for public for free.

:slight_smile: all the other cases are just fine…

I do not use or develop for wordpress but I will try to answer your questions.


There is an animation plugin available created by one of the Pinegrow developers. I am not sure if the Javascript created by that plugin will interfere with wordpress normal operations though.

You need the Wordpress version of Pinegrow. Frontend development is different than the backend development of Wordpress. You do need to understand Wordpress and how it functions to properly develop for it this includes understanding PHP.

Pinegrow is a HTML and CSS visual editor that also works with wordpress to make front end development easier. Consider Pinegrow the helper to make the visual layout and the pretty you see on websites. It is NOT a backend development environment or meant for any serious PHP or Javascript development at all. It basically covers the Html and CSS and "can" work with server side code to help display content properly as you edit and develop.

When you say go into WP for creating the pages.. What are you referring to? The page itself is the Theme and the Content fits wihin the Theme Pages pulled in from the database which Wordpress handles. You can I guess, work directly within Pinegrow to develop themes with the content as you would see it on the live site. You need the Wordpress version of Pinegrow for that. Since I do not use Wordpress myself but have developed for it in the past I am not able to really contribute anything more.

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Thank you everyone. This helps.