matchMedia please

Hello World @matjaz @abirana

could we have a match media option for Pinegrow interactions like in another plugi n (Bricks Forge)?

Two break points often limit the creativity as one has to adapt the animation to that criteria, plus, as far as i know, i can’t define two types of interactions on that same level for those two breakpoints - meaning that in the panel it shows only one option for that specific breakpoint, and i have to make some workarounds (setting on another tag a different Interaction) - but maybe i’m wrong.

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You mean the limitation of “small screens” and “large screens” in Pinegrow Interactions? It would be very helpful to use custom breakpoints! Sometimes the animation has to be different on very large screens. Or I define mobile <500px (not 767px).


Hi, yes…generally i d like to have more control.
I immagine having a matchMedia on top of the interaction, when I set max-width:600px the timeline is for that size. Then, same animation name but different media query - Interactions displays a different timeline. I tried it in Bricks Forge and it simply works


Yes, we only have two small - large media queries that are internally used with matchMedia. Will look into making it more flexible.