Missing menu_order in WooCommerce actions

Hello, I am doing some e-shops with using WooCommerce module for Pinegrow and I found, that option to order results by menu order is missing.

I mean to display categories ordered same way as were manually ordered in admin area. Writing it manually into field will cause breaking of PHP source code.

Do we have any news please? Because every time I export template, I need to change this line to “menu_order” to display my subcategories as I have them in admin area.

I dont know. You can “hack” it and sort it by id and set id’s according to how you want them in the meantime.

And when you type the menu_order in the field, have you tried typing it in with the ‘’. So it is exactly like this in the field: ‘menu_order’ ?

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Thank you! This “hack” helped, writing with single quotes did not break the code, like writing withou quotes.